Metro Council improved government transparency through the passage of an ordinance giving the Metro Council the ability to use subpoena powers granted by the State Legislature during the previous year’s legislative session. 

The ordinance, which was debated for 90 minutes, had my strong support and eventually passed  by a vote of 14-8.

As a result the Metro Council or the Government Oversight Audit and Ethics Committee will have the authority to subpoena documents on matters that either body believe are worthy of further investigation. Such subpoena powers will assist when the Metro Council is looking into abuses of power or allegations of wrongdoing within Metro Government such as concerns over the handling of the Explorer Program sexual abuse allegations, claims of retaliation against employees, or reviews of important deals in which your tax-dollars are used.

While I am hopeful that the Council will rarely need to use this authority, I believe the fact that we now have the ability to use subpoenas to gain documents and testimony will hopefully lead to improved cooperation and transparency between the Executive Branch of local government and the Metro Council.