You’ve seen the progress with the installation of poles and the new traffic signals that now hang from them, so why isn’t the new traffic signal at Ormsby Lane and Wetsport Road working?  The shoOrmsby Street Signrt answer is that the signal still needs power. Soon you will see that Metro Traffic Engineering working in the area to complete the pavement markings. LG&E has yet to provide power to the new signal but we remain hopeful they will be able to turn the signal on in a couple of weeks.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) will require the light to be on a flash pattern for a time before the light becomes fully operational.

Some good news: because the light is not fully operational yet Councilwoman Leet was able to get in a request to have the cross walk be an audible crossing. KYTC is presently evaluating the request for the audible signals, but KYTC District 5 personnel have said that they are in favor of the addition, but we must wait on approval from Frankfort.

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