impound-300x173Thursday, June 21st
6 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.
Butchertown Pizza Hall, 1301 Story Ave

Louisville Metro Government announced that it is beginning the process of exploring alternative locations for the Louisville Metro Police Impound lot.

The lot, located for at least 50 years at 1478 Frankfort Ave. in Butchertown, serves as the main temporary storage area for cars towed from throughout the city, and as a longer-term storage area for cars being held as evidence in a legal proceeding. It holds about 1,800 vehicles at full capacity, but frequently stores in excess of 2,000 vehicles.

Metro will begin a two-pronged process of soliciting ideas for alternative locations for the impound lot in January 2018, starting with issuing a request for information seeking properties that fit the city’s search criteria for size, location and other physical and operational requirements. The second prong of this process will include public meetings where city officials can share information about its needs for the impound lot, and gather community feedback on potential locations and innovative ideas that could lead to alternative designs or management practices for the impound lot.

People will be invited to share that feedback online, as well as in person. Louisville Metro Government then would evaluate all ideas provided through spring 2018, with a goal of identifying a new location for the impound lot by mid-2018.

The city also will use this process as an opportunity to explore additional opportunities to protect and conserve sections of Beargrass Creek that it controls and to encourage other landowners along the creek to consider similar measures. And the city is investigating planting trees and native grasses to control runoff and prevent sedimentation into the creek, and will continue to conduct semi-annual testing of water that drains to the creek from the lot.

The impound lot requires at least 15 acres of flat land, most of which will be paved for parking towed vehicles. The impound lot must have 24-hour controlled access and a small building for LMPD staff to use for public service and administrative purposes.

The practice of impounding towed vehicles is governed by Chapter 82 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, which places limits on the imposition of towing, handling and storage charges on impounded vehicles and creates a process for appealing the validity of an impoundment.