During their first Caucus meeting of 2018, the nine Republican members of the Louisville Metro Council’s Minority Caucus unanimously elected Councilwoman Angela Leet (District 7) to the position of Caucus Chair and Councilman Kevin Kramer (District 11) as Caucus Vice-Chair.

Councilwoman Leet is the first female to hold the position of Caucus Chair. Councilwoman Marilyn Parker and Kentucky Senator Julie Raque Adams had both served multiple terms in caucus leadership.

Also, on Thursday, members of the Democratic Caucus elected Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) to serve as Majority Caucus Chair for 2018. The position also carries with it the title of President Pro Tem of the Metro Council. The Caucus elected Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) to serve as Vice-Chair.

Following the caucus leadership elections,  in a unanimous vote, the members of the Louisville Metro Council elected Councilman David James (D-6) to serve as the President of the Louisville Metro Council for 2018.