I am grateful that the Thanksgiving holiday provides us with an opportunity to embrace our diversity, put aside our differences, and unite to give thanks for what matters most – freedom and peace, health and happiness, family and friendship.
This Thanksgiving, District 7 has much to be thankful for. This year we saw the installation of several brand new accessible sidewalks, safer audible crosswalks, freshly paved roads and the state’s approval of a new traffic signal and right turn lane to be installed at Westport Road and Ormsby Lane as well as planed improvements on Herr Lane.
I would like to give special thanks to the 26 Suburban Cities and numerous homeowners associations that are within District 7 for their tremendous hard work, dedication and commitment to building a better community. It is because of this collaborative partnership that we are successfully fulfilling our shared vision of making District 7 a great place to live, work and raise a family. With your support we are opening a new library, expanding another library and making sure those struggling with addiction in our community have access to recovery at places like The Healing Place and Volunteers of America.
I am thankful for those of you that give up holiday meals and celebrations with your families to serve our community, whether in the military, as a first responder, hospital medical staff or our caretakers in nursing homes, your commitment to service and your willingness to sacrifice deserve our unwavering gratitude.
I believe the strength of our community comes from you, our residents. I am thankful that we have active and caring citizens who are involved in their community. I am thankful for your emails, calls, and communications regarding issues that are most important to you. I would encourage you to continue to stay in touch by sending emails to angela.leet@louisvilleky.gov or you can sign up for my bi-weekly electronic newsletter. The District 7 eNews is an excellent resource for District 7 updates, townhall meeting announcements and more!

From all of us at the District 7 office, we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!