It has been a busy summer at City Hall. Here is a round up of the legislation Councilwoman Leet has been working on:

New Sexual Harassment Policy: In July the Louisville Metro Council unanimously voted to adopt its first sexual harassment policy for council members and council employees. After recognizing there was a gap in Metro Council Policies that didn’t allow for the reporting or investigation of sexual harassment claims at city hall Councilwoman Leet set about creating one.   Councilwoman Leet believes that the policy laid out in this legislation ensures the protection of not only elected Metro Council members but any employee of the Metro Council. No one should ever feel unsafe in their workplace and Councilwoman Leet will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure this to be true for anyone at city hall.

Updates to the Floodplain Ordinance:  In May of 2015 a group of people were appointed to work through Louisville’s flood mitigation process. Part of the work group’s findings was that major updates were needed to Louisville Metro’s Floodplain Ordinance. Later that year the Louisville Metro Council approved a group of time sensitive amendments to the flood plain ordinance that changed disclosure requirements and required MSD to issue a flood determination letter to anyone who requests one, but we knew that while that was a great first step more work needed to be done on the Flood plain Ord. This week the Metro Council’s Public Works, Parks and Sustainability Committee passed a comprehensive set of changes to the entire Flood Plain Ordinance. The changes take complex rules and attempts to make them easier to not only comprehend, but to comply with. It provides the opportunity to improve our community’s rating with FEMA which in turn will save tax payers money, the ordinance also requires all new public or private roads to be constructed at or above base flood elevation. To review the ordinance click here.

Metro Louisville Employees Child Abuse Reporting Requirements: In late July the Louisville Metro Council voted unanimously to strengthen the child abuse reporting requirements for the Louisville Metro Police officers as well as all Metro Louisville employees.  Recognizing the need for closing a loop hole, Councilwoman Leet lead the charge to require that if child abuse is suspected by a LMPD officer that the reporting of the abuse allegations must be done to an outside agency. These changes make it abundantly clear that any person in local law enforcement must report alleged abuse to outside agencies.

Forming a Charging Committee: Forming a charging Committee is not a step that any councilmember wants to take. It wasn’t an easy decision for Councilwoman Leet, but it became clear that it became a necessary decision to ensure the safety and well being  of every person who walks into City Hall. The charging committee also hopes to reestablish the public’s trust of the Louisville Metro Council and the real work that needs to be done on behalf of not only the residents of District 21, but the entire Louisville Community.