It’s that time of year when your peaceful evening at home may be interrupted by an inconvenient knock on the door.  Door-to-door solicitors have been out in full force this year.  Additionally, LMPD has received reports that “travelers” are once again operating in the area.  For those unaware “travelers” move from city to city and target homeowners with driveway sealant scams and other project rip-offs.  Often times they will also target elderly victims with low prices, high pressure tactics, and by saying they are just working “down the street” or they have “left over” materials that you need.

Here are a few tips for residents to use to avoid door-to-door and home repair scams:.

  • If you need any services or repairs done to your home, schedule it with a reputable business and get a contract.  You should never pay money up front!
  • Always ask for identification from someone selling door-to-door.  Some companies are licensed for door-to-door sales, but they must have a permit and must leave once you tell them that you are not interested.
  • Do not share information about your household to any unsolicited visitor.  Criminals will use this information to their advantage.
  • Keep your doors locked and garage door closed, even when you are home.
  • If you have an unusual experience in your neighborhood, alert your neighbors.  This may help them from becoming victims.
  • Participate in your local neighborhood watch.  You may call LMPD Community Policing at 502-574-7427 to find out if you have an active watch in your area.

Always report suspicious activity to LMPD.  The non-emergency number to have an officer respond is 502-574-2111