Louisville, KY – Today, Louisville Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet (District 7) endorsed the Pegasus Institute’s Louisville Initiative for Violence Eradication” (LIVE) with the following statement:

“We know what we are doing now isn’t working, and the failed approach has been to move resources around with no clear strategy. The Pegasus Institute’s proposed initiative is backed by extensive research and data, thorough analysis, and proven solutions. Having worked with this group for several months, I’ve been nothing but impressed by their approach in providing comprehensive strategies and written plans to solve our community’s toughest problems. I hope that others will join me in encouraging Mayor Fischer and LMPD to implement this plan as soon as possible to begin addressing and reducing violent crime in Louisville.”

The Pegasus Institute is a nonpartisan think tank established in 2016. The Pegasus Institute is privately funded and led by millennials with a focus on local and state policies. According to the Pegasus Institute major points of the LIVE plan are:

  • A focused deterrence policing strategy targeting street gangs
  • Tearing down abandoned buildings identified as crime hotspots using mapping technology
  • Improving street lighting on vulnerable streets and neighborhood
  • Tailored gang enhancement legislation passed by the state legislature

For more information on the LIVE Plan visit www.pegasuskentucky.org.