The Metro Council received Mayor Greg Fischer’s FY18 Budget proposal at the April 27, 2017 Meeting of the Metro Council. The Mayor used his speech as an opportunity to update the council on his capital and operating plans for the next fiscal year. The budget he presented was balanced and offered no new or additional taxes. The budget represents $603 million in General Fund dollars, which is an increase of 3.4% in revenues budgeted in the previous fiscal year.  $559 million was originally budgeted for the current year FY17.  The entire Metro budget contains expenditures of $839 million when you include State, Federal and Bonds/Notes expected. That represents a 2.1% increase from the previous.

Mayor’s Highlighted Budget Items
$19,000,000 in additional Police/Safety Spending
$25,000,000 for Paving streets and Street Improvements
$2,500,000 for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund
$12,000,000 for Louisville Cares – Low Cost Housing Initiative
$5,400,000 for Kentucky Wired – Gigabit Internet Program
$9,500,000 for Construction of NE Regional Library (located off Ormsby Station)                 $500,000 for Bike lanes
$600,000 for Planting Trees
$200,000 for Drug Addiction Services

This year’s budget presentation took place 1 month earlier than last year as a result of an ordinance passed by the Metro Council and a subsequent law passed earlier this year by the Kentucky General Assembly. Because of this change, members of the Metro Council, as well as the public will have more time to review the $839 million proposal. This change also allows the council to spend more time (approximately 9 more hours) on reviewing budget requests from city departments and will allow us to have additional time to prepare for the nearly 30 hours of hearings scheduled. Each meeting will be televised live on Metro TV and streamed online. To see the full Budget hearing schedule click here.

Entering this budget process I will remain focused on addressing the continued rise in violent crime, finding creative solutions to deal with the opioid abuse in our community, as well as continuing a commitment to our community’s ever present infrastructure needs (particularly road paving and building maintenance). Over the past few years, the Metro Council has supported Chief Conrad’s request for funding additional officers and overtime resources. This budget plans to add approximately $19 million for LMPD and associated departments. While I will support the needs of LMPD, I have made it clear to the administration that I expect a plan for the use of these funds as well as clear goals and measurable objectives for what will be achieved as a result in this investment in public safety.

With additional revenues, created by more people working at higher wages and increased property values, this budget more so than others, allows for the Mayor and eventually the Metro Council to begin investing in projects and programs that will help move our city forward. I have a number of questions regarding the information presented in the Mayor’s proposal, but with an extra 30 days of review, I know we will be able to get the answers we need prior to a final vote in late June.

You can read the Mayor’s proposed budget here. I thank you for your interest in the budget process. I encourage you to continue following our progress by watching some of the hearings on Metro TV or by contacting me at 574-1107 or  to share your views and ideas.

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Angela Leet
District 7 Councilwoman