What is a comprehensive plan? A comprehensive plan establishes a framework to guide public and private decisions about future growth, preservation and changes within a local government. Louisville Metro adopted its current comprehensive plan, Cornerstone 2020, on June 15, 2000. Cornerstone 2020, which has a planning timeframe of 2000 to 2020, provides the framework for Louisville and Jefferson County’s land development regulations and policies (including the Land Development Code).

The document describes the community’s direction for future development and growth. It also recommends policies and projects to achieve its desired results.As Cornerstone 2020 is approaching its effective timeframe, an updated comprehensive plan is being prepared to guide actions beyond 2020. The updated plan, which will have a horizon of 2040, builds on Cornerstone 2020. In addition, it will be informed by several other plans and initiatives and serve as a single foundation policy document (such as Vision Louisville, Sustain Louisville, Move Louisville, the Consolidated Plan, Making Louisville Home for Us All, Healthy Louisville 2020 and the Downtown Louisville Master Plan).

Develop Louisville has been engaging with the public on an update to the Comprehensive Plan almost a year ago. Some methods of engagement have included work groups, an Advisory Committee, outreach to local municipalities with zoning authority and appearing before various bodies and organizations including the Committee of the Whole.

In the coming weeks, we will be holding six open house forums to provide the public will an opportunity to view and to comment on the work done so far.

The dates, times and locations for the forums are:

Monday, May 22: Main Library (301 York St) at 4 pm
Wednesday, May 24: Southwest Library (9725 Dixie Hwy) at 6 pm
Tuesday, May 30: Bowman Field (2815 Taylorsville Rd) at 6 pm
Wednesday, May 31 Tom Sawyer State Park’s Sawyer Hayes Community Center (2201 Lakeland Road) at 6 pm
Saturday, June 3: The Table (1800 Portland Ave) at 9 am
Monday, June 5: Fern Creek High School (9115 Fern Creek Rd) at 6 pm
Tuesday, June 6: The Jeffersonian (former Jeffersontown Community Center) (10617 Taylorsville Rd) at 6 pm

The forums will allow for additional input on the work completed to date (draft goals and objectives) and will help develop policies. These meetings will be open house style with a short introductory presentation. At these forums, Metro Government is especially interested in engaging with citizens who have not yet participated in the Comprehensive Plan update process.

We hope that you are able to attend one of the forums!