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Kosair Charities surprised four local schools on Tuesday, April 11, with a $1 million check for each school. Two of these schools are located in District 7 and we can not express enough thanks to Kosair Charities for investing and believing in the mission and purpose of these 2 schools.


Congratulation to Portland Christian School and Pitt Academy who thought they were participating in a marketing campaign but each walked away with $1 million dollars. This amazing gift made possible by Kosair Charities represents 1 million opportunities to improve education for kids with specialized learning needs in District 7 and the greater Louisville Community.

On behalf of a grateful community, District 7  says “thank you Kosair Charities” for creating opportunities for providing resources and services, but most of all for giving hope to kids in our community who are overcoming obstacles every day to be the very best that they can be.