There are currently several bills being considered by the Kentucky General Assembly that directly affect Louisville Metro Government.

House Bill 202 (read the full Bill by clicking heresponsored by Rep. Ken Fleming (former Louisville Metro Council member) takes an overdue look at the setup of Metro Government and aims to make many common sense changes that should have the broad support of people throughout Jefferson County. Below are a few highlights:

  • Grants Metro Council the authority to remove officials and appointees who violate the public trust.
  • Addresses the concern related to Mayoral succession that could have left the city without a Mayor for up to a month.
  • Restores the Governor’s role as appointing authority to fill vacancies on the Council and for the office of Mayor due to death, resignation or removal.This was approved by the voters in 2000, and is practiced in 118 other counties in the Commonwealth.
  • Grants Metro Council the authority to make appointments to boards and commissions when the Mayor fails to take action upon expiration of a members term; nearly 50% of all positions on our boards are either vacant or have people serving on expired terms.
  • Requires the Mayor to take steps to improve the geographic, racial,and political diversity of our boards and commissions.
  • Requires more transparency in Metro Government contracts.

House Bill 246 which unanimously passed committee last week (read the full bill here) will re-structure our current Solid Waste Management District Board, making it more transparent and accountable. This key piece of legislation will restore the local legislative body’s control over solid waste regulations that impact the daily lives of all Louisvillians. The bill protects local control over solid waste regulations for suburban cities, and the right of consumers to choose their own provider. It also prevents an un-elected board from increasing your taxes to implement a solid waste plan without local legislative oversight and approval. HB246 will be on the agenda this Wednesday for a floor vote of the full House.

Both of these bills are important pieces of legislation that will help make Metro Government more open, transparent and accountable to the taxpayers of this community.

Here are ways to make your voice heard in Frankfort:

  • Call or write your legislators to let them know your views on important issues.(The link lets you locate your representatives and provides contact information.)
  • Call the toll-free legislative message line (1-800-372-7181) to leave a message for any legislator or group of legislators.

Be ready to say you support or oppose a bill, by number, and ask that your message be conveyed to your representative and leadership in the House or Senate.