Who: Councilwoman Angela Leet, Louisville Metro Public Works & QK4 Engineering
What: An initial public meeting soliciting public comment on the Herr Lane Corridor 
When:  February 21, 2017 at 5:30PM -7:00PM
Where: Ballard High School Cafeteria 

Councilwoman Angela Leet, Louisville Metro Public works  and Qk4 invite you to participate in the Herr Lane Corridor Transportation Plan—focused between Westport Road and Brownsboro Road—by attending the first public meeting. 

This meeting is being held to understand concerns and issues on the corridor, and work with the public to identify possible options that improve safety and mobility for bicyclists, drivers, walkers, transit users, and other uses of this corridor. The plan’s goal is to develop a safe, accessible, and vibrant street for all. 

The purpose of the first meeting is to initiate the planning process. Current conditions will be presented and participants will be invited to identify problems with the existing corridor and imagine how it could look in the future.

Public Meeting #1 Agenda:
Discuss existing conditions and known problems on Herr Lane

For questions please call the District 7 office at 574-1107.