With winter in full swing here in Louisville, it is an important time to review the responsibilities that all Louisvillians share when it comes to the removal of snow and ice from the city’s sidewalks.

Any discussion of sidewalk snow removal in Louisville must first begin with addressing the city’s Municipal Code, which dictates that all owners, lessees, or other persons in charge of any property that abuts a public way must remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk in front on that property.

§ 97.113 SNOW REMOVAL (A) It shall be the duty of all persons and corporations owning or occupying property abutting a public street in Louisville Metro to remove within 24 hours thereafter such snow as may fall on the sidewalks in front of their property. Where the property is unimproved or unoccupied this duty shall devolve on the owner or the agent for the property. Where property is occupied by others than owners thereof, this duty shall devolve on the owner or the tenants and either may be proceeded against for the violation.

Specifically, this law states that snow must be shoveled from sidewalks within 24 hours of its accumulation  Unfortunately, even with this city ordinance in place, many in Louisville fail to do an adequate job clearing their sidewalks of snow and ice – risking fines and slip and fall accidents in the process.  In recent years Metro Government has started a much stricter enforcement of the law and failure to comply can result in a $25 to $100 fine.

Because some neighbors may need extra assistance with meeting this obligation, we would encourage residents to be aware of those neighbors who may need some extra help with snow removal.